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CD Review: Ragnarok Juletide(Released Nov 11, 2014)Spinefarm Records

(Band's Bio-in red)
Finland's annual all-star symphonic rock Christmas project Raskasta Joulua will release a new studio album in 2014. For the first time ever these versions of Finnish and international Christmas classics will also be recorded in English language and released under the banner of Ragnarok Juletide.
Line-up - The Voices:
Elize Ryd / Marco Hietala / J.P. Leppäluoto / Tony Kakko / Jarkko Ahola / Ari Koivunen /
Pasi Rantanen / Antti Railio / Ville Tuomi / Antony Parviainen / Tuple Salmela / Kimmo Blom

Line-up - The Band:
Erkka Korhonen - guitar, arr. / Tuomas Wäinölä – guitar / Vili Ollila – keys
Mirka Rantanen – drums / Erkki Silvennoinen - bass

(My words-in purple)There have been a great many Christmas albums put out in almost genre of music there is out there and this is easily one of the best, some heavy metal, symphonic metal and some gloom metal as well. This is clean singing 100% and even those that are not real hard rock/heavy metal fans should appreciate this great mix of Christmas traditional music & that of Finnish origin as well.

Ragnarok-Juletide-We Celebrate at Christmastime

That link above gives you a small sampling of what this group is all about but not deliver the greatness that this some great music and yes they sing all the standards here is a list of what is on the album.

Track Listing:

1. "We Celebrate at Christmastime"

2. "The First Noel"

3. "Here on the Hay"

4. "Little Drummer Boy"

5. "The Elf"

6. "Christmas Is Here"

7.  "Sylvia's Song"

8. "White Christmas"

9. "Home for Christmas"

10. "A Sparrow on a Christmas Morning"

11. "Christmas Has Come"

12. "Ave Maria"

White Christmas has never sounded so good my friends, that goes for so many of these songs as many radio stations across the globe only play the radio friendly Christmas music that the masses are accustomed to hearing why play anything out of the ordinary and maybe give people choices than what everyone else plays all the time?

Ragnarok Juletide is the definitive collection of Holiday Songs for headbangers. This is the way you've always wanted to hear you X-mas music - you just didn't know it could be done this way before!

The project's founder/producer/arranger/guitarist Erkka Korhonen says: “This show has become a tradition for so many people in all age groups. They're really looking forward to seeing us before the Christmas holidays. Even people who haven't celebrated Christmas for years have found its spirit again through what we do. Since we've expanded the vocalist line-up every year after the 2nd album (released 2006), the audience wants to hear our new vocalists on the record. It'll be fantastic to bring these songs into other countries too!”

I am pleased to hear a different run of an Christmas album with a heavier sound for sure.

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Anthony Nadeau

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