Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Equalizer(Released Dec 30th, 2014)

When I first heard they were making a film based on the Edward Woodward Television show I was somewhat curious -then was disappointed they did not have two things in the film at least a small part for Mr Woodward and the score done by Stewart Copeland as he did the intro for the TV show.

That being said I enjoyed this updated version of the film and Denzel Washington turns in one of his better performances of the past couple of years.
He works at a local hardware store and attends his local 24 hour diner where he friends a local young prostitute --I found similar story wise to that of "Taxi Driver" with his fascination of the young woman and all her lifestyle -this is the Russian mafia that has hold over her.
He then takes concern when she is a no show one night and finds out she landed in hospital at the hands of one of her johns.
This makes him snap and starts taking things personal.

When he goes to see her boss and offer him some money to leave her alone he of course is met with laughter and animosity -he soon shows them that he was not joking about it and proves his point very convincingly.
This is a "Dirty Harry" or even "Death Wish" film where something happens to someone else and then has someone else stand up for them.
The scene below is a cleaned up version of what happens in the film there is swearing and bloody violence in the scene that appears in the film.

I loved the action in this film it was swift and done well -the editing was top notch and had an interesting story.

This is a story of violence and a story we have seen before but the actors and the mood of the film are what make it stand out.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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