Friday, December 5, 2014

MTI Home Video Review: Bloodworx(Available Now)

The medical profession has long had guinea pigs for tests whether it be lab rats or chimpanzees they have been permitted to test their products on humans as well -I am ok with the latter as at least a human can decide whether they want to be a part off the testing or not. Animals do not have that option sadly.

Story Synopsis:
A couple of college students decide to sign up for pharmaceutical testing of a new allergy drug to make some extra cash for their spring break trip. They quickly discover their two week stay will not be as easy as they first believed and fight to save themselves from the grips of the facility.

The tests are simple enough  but then there are some complications that come with the testing as more of the drug is administered things start happening to the patients , we soon find it is not a drug for allergies but for healing of wounds , cuts etc. Later on also find out this is also being tested for re-animation as well.
The doctor in charge of this trial also knows that with much overuse of the drug rational thought or disgust are no longer present at least that is what they found with some of the animals.
This was a very well done and strong acting throughout this film, my slight problem was this being a test drug how did they make a antidote for it when it is still in the testing stages. and he is cured within a matter of minutes. That was my only complaint.

The film moves along quickly and has enough sci-fi/horror for those that like it.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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