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Little Shop of Movies Review: Gone Girl (Releases January 13th, 2014)

Never have been a fan of Ben Affleck since I ever first saw him but being a fan of film I will watch practically any film.
Like so many others this year I got the screener from the studio for the awards season which I am very honoured to have got along with many other films and a small subscription for Variety magazine.

Nick & Amy Dunne are a happily married couple coming up on their fifth Anniversary , Amy goes missing on that day that should be celebrating with her husband. Instead he is worried for her well being.
He and her parents with the help of the local police are on the alert for any ideas what might have happened to Amy and with the help of the local community they put out a search for the young woman.
This could have played like many movies in the same book but David Fincher(Se7en & Zodiac) has a talent of getting some really raw performances from his actors and it shows as I did like Ben Affleck in this , I know it matters not to him whether I like his films or him at all-or that he shall ever read this review but I thought he put in an overall good performance.
Hopeful of finding anyone that might know what happened to his wife , all that and he is thrown into the mix of being one of the possible suspects in her disappearance.With that comes some doubts about her missing at all from him, there are clues for many things.
For my money the best performance was that of Carrie Coon(above) who plays Margo Dunne , Nick's sister and co-owner of the local bar.
Her performance never misses a beat once she is strong and committed to her brother.
There is more pressure on Nick for his young collage student comes forward and tells the world about their affair. This of course means that people will look down on him even more.
This is more a tale of what takes place, things are layed out in front of us but the whole centre of this story is that of Amy and what took place overall.
Because this is a story written by Gillian Flynn who also wrote the adapted screenplay , very well edited as well to help tell the story.

If you enjoy a good mystery thriller this is worth checking out.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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