Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Skeleton Twins(Available Now)

Taking two people from a comedic television show and having them star as depressed siblings in a dysfunctional family.
The pairing was very good as for those that do not know both are from the current roster of Saturday Night Live and are both very good in this dark comedy, however for me it played out more like a drama-the film is released as a comedy.
Milo Dean(Bill Hader) & his sister Maggie(Kristen Wiig)both cheat death on the same day. Milo has a closer call with death and Maggie decides to ask him to stay with her until he gets better.
They had a falling out 10 years prior to the films opening , this allows them time to find out about each other once again.
Both actors do a great job in their roles and are very good together there are some real sympathetic scenes and then as troubled siblings they also have their moments of taking their angers out on each other or making bad decisions of their own.
Milo has a fascination with the man that was once his teacher that sexually abused him as a teen, he feels a connection and we experience this with him, this film does a good job of telling the story and letting the audience make their own minds up about what they may feel and also this is something that many have had happen by people they are in trusted with.

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Anthony Nadeau

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