Saturday, February 28, 2015

CD Review: Finterforst-Mach Dich Frei(Available Now)Napalm Records

Something new here at Behind The Scenes for the albums that really make an impression on me I will be doing what you see above-this is one great album in my opinion.
Special 5.5 star rating below 

This incredible talented band made my #1 for their last album Rastlos in 2012, how excited was I that I heard they had a new album coming out and I was going to be able to hear this great piece of music. Even though they sing not one word in English this is some amazing work call it Heavy Metal but it is Folk Metal as they incorporate other instruments throughout the album including horns  a tin whistle and an Oboe and even an accordion on the title track.

Their name translates to Dark Forest and fitting that it is that as they are very much for the earth-their last album had so many songs that started and played out with sounds of nature. This has some of that but more of their unique style of music -they really are a breath of fresh air for this reviewer.
The pictures here are also where they shot their first video here it is below.Think of the last time you heard an accordion start off the solos.

Their music is not for everyone but I think if you gave them the chance you just might.
Because they are with Napalm Records and being that their last album was their first with the label back in 2012, I have the opportunity to interview them. So keep watching here and that is coming soon.

Here is their video from their prior record in case you do like them give you another taste of them.

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Anthony Nadeau

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