Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: St Vincent(Available Now)

Always been a fan of Bill Murray when the rest of my age group met him on Saturday Night Live and his countless movies whether it be Meatballs or Stripes or Broken Flowers and Lost in Translation he brings a different performance to each role and yet unique for Bill.
Vincent has some new neighbors moving in and with the first few scenes we are introduced to him and his neighbors as their moving truck breaks a branch off the tree he makes her agree to paying for the branch and the car in which the tree branch fell on also the fence that he himself ran into, she not knowing this agrees.
I have not been fond of Melissa McCarthy and let me state it has nothing to do with her as a person etc just her characters she has played in previous films were horrible in my opinion ,but here she really shines might I even state a Kathy Bates kind of performance -he is really good in this film folks.
Vincent also has a friend or "woman of the night" played by one of my favorite actresses Naomi Watts-she is a pregnant hooker and has an odd relationship with Vincent as well does everyone in the film.
Vincent after witnessing Oliver(Jaeden Lieberher) he teaches him some fighting skills which do help the youngster.
This is a good little sleeper of a film_I thought from the previews it look very formula stuff that keeps getting generated these days but surprisingly was something different and not sugar coated Hollywood crap.


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Anthony Nadeau

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