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The Golden Rake Low Budget Horror Awards Show -Co Hosts The Soska Sisters & Special Guests Feb 20, 2015 - Online!

I honestly stumbled across this quite by accident this event happening tomorrow night online. A first of it's kind also with what the man behind the awards, John Lepper had told me the site has only been active for 6 months -this is quite the event he has planned so quickly.

The Golden Rake Awards Facebook Event Page

I had asked him if I could send him some questions for a piece on the event.
Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me

The name -The Golden Rake Awards where did the name come from?

The name is a bit tongue in cheek. I own and write for                                                       The Blood
the fastest growing horror news site in the world. This award is being hosted by our site. Our name is a bit of a pun. Shedding blood or a bloody shed. We use a lot of shed imagery on our site. And when coming up with a name for the award, I thought it would be cool to use something you'd typically find inside such a building. A rake. And the idea really mirrors indie horror in general. It's a regular, everyday object, but gold, made beautiful. Indie horror is about these small projects that are driven by passion. They are beautiful works of art just for being what they are.

How does this award show differ from all the other movie awards shows out there?

This award ceremony differs from others in the same way our site differs from other horror news sites. We focus on indie horror because we feel that is where the real creativity in the genre lies and bigger horror sites just can't seem to be bothered to give them any support. They have their eye on the dollar. They get paid very good money to give press to big studios so they just say screw the little guys. And it's a shame, because honestly the big studio horror sucks with very few exceptions. So, with this award ceremony, we have purposely focused on these really tiny films. The requirements for submission were that the film be over 60 minutes in length and have a budget under $100k. That's micro budget. The entire goal of this is to shine the spotlight on these amazing films that no one else ignores.

What is the idea behind the show?

The idea behind the show is to offer the viewers an array of entertainment through the event, leading up to the announcement of the 3 winners. I am a graduated theatre major. For me, everything needs to be spectacle. I envision myself a ringmaster. This is my circus. We have a variety of attractions. We have special guests, prizes, the screening of a short film, and a live interview with the Soska sisters who are co hosting the event.

How is it to have Jen & Sylvia Soska as co-hosts and how did you get them on board?
How is it to have Jen and Sylvia Soska on board for this? In a word, awesome! They are really cool and we are so stoked to have them on board. Really down to earth gals. I really thought the entire thing was a long shot. One of my writers, Josh Millican, wrote an article on talented female horror directors and he listed them in it. They saw it and loved it! So, we've been in touch ever since. As for getting them on board, while I was planning this I thought it would be really cool to have a celeb co host. Some of my writers suggested I try the Soska's. And I am glad I listened because they seem just as excited about it as I am!
For you what is it that Independent film and horror have that makes it so special?

Indie film is where the magic happens. It's not some big studio who happens upon a hit and then pumps out 50 thousand clones of it in the next 5 years to milk the concept for every penny it's worth. How many horror films in the past few years have been in theaters and have been any good? There are a few, but for every "Conjuring" there are a dozen "Devil's Due"s. And it baffles the mind! How does one make a movie for millions and millions of dollars and still end up with such a shitty product?! It's really inexcusable. And yet all of these big name horror sites focus on this drivel. And here, on the other hand, you have these passionate filmmakers making these small films that no one pays any attention to... and some of them are AMAZING!!! It's a crime! And we do what we can to help make it right at I'd rather watch the next Mycho Entertainment film over the next Rob Zombie feature any day. Don't know who Mycho Entertainment is? See, that's the problem we're trying to fix.
What do you hope others will get from this award show -will there be more in the future
I hope that we can really just have a great time and show the viewers how awesome indie horror really is. There's so much out there and you just gotta look a bit! I want these film makers of these 30 entries to feel appreciated. I want them to know that they will always have a home at And yes, there will be more. This is going to be an annual event. Which does put some pressure on me because, naturally, you always have to top the last year! lol! I have the Soska sisters co hosting! I started too strong! How can I top this?! *cries* Also, we are thinking of doing another award show for indie horror short films this summer. Lotta good stuff in there!
Where did you come up for the online idea?

Well, we wanted everyone to be able to join us, no matter where they were! I am a huge proponent of this kind of thing. It's what I love about producing: I can do it from anywhere in the world! Hell, I've never been out of the US and I exec produced Romania's first found footage horror film, Be My Cat: A Film for Anne. So, our audience is from all over the world, these film entries are from all over the world, we want people from all over the world to be able to join us for this! The only feasible way of making it happen was to do it live stream online. 

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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