Monday, March 30, 2015

CD Review: Iris Divine -Karma Sown(Available March 31)Earsplit PR

Progressive Hard Rock/ Metal
Band Members
Navid Rashid (Vocals, Guitar);
Brian Dobbs (Bass); Kris Combs (Drums, Keys/Programming)
Centreville, VA
Short Description
Check out KARMA SOWN, the new album by Iris Divine. Emotional, progressive hard rock/metal with alternative influences.

Wow, this is an impressive trio indeed what a treat musically for the ears -try Kings X meets RUSH meets Primus , yes off the wall playing and yet such structured and professional playing. With emphases on the bass , very bass oriented. Most albums have the bass more in the background -not this one that is what I love about this album every instrument is clear and well played!

"In Spirals" is an instrumental and just amazes me the sound that these men create -what talent we have.
The drumming on  here is inspiring being a drummer myself on and off since the age of 12 (now 48) I love the overall musical gifts that is shown on this album.

The musical breakdown that is shown in the video above shows the incredible tightness this band has musically -lots of bands can pull that sort of skill of in a studio, not many can replicate it live they have proven that they indeed can.

Again so much great music coming out this year, this is easily one of my favorites , musically there will probably not many albums that can compete with this, but this is only the end of March , we still have another 9 months to go for the year to be over.
However the way in which the songs are created and played , this is so fresh even though I compared them to the three bands at the start that was merely a comparison , for their skills match those mentioned. Two of the bands mentioned have two of the overall best bass players in the world as well.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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