Monday, March 2, 2015

Cd Review: Keep of Kalessin-Epistrmology(Available Now) Earsplit PR

Members: Obsidian C. - Vocals, Guitars, Compositions. Wizziac - Bass, Backing Vocals. Vyl - Drums.

One incredible looking album covers in recent memory for me-even better they had a contest for their cover and this is an artists piece that they used for their album , pretty cool.
So is their music while much a speed metal has repetition-this does but breaks many of the songs into many different pieces so to speak , tempo changes and clean vocals for the most part as well.

 This is very well played and orchestrated metal and the speed on the snare throughout "The Grand Design" is one to be admired as a drummer myself I am amazed at the speed in which the drums are being played.

This band completely impress me to no end, every song has a different sound and this is some great Heavy Metal-love the drums on this album , very nicely recorded many times they are covered by the other tracks in the recordings -but they are crystal clear and played with great precision 

Riff after riff and beating drums -booming bass all the ingredients for some great metal and this is what we have here folks!!
We have some incredibly fast musicians here and glad to have been able to hear this album a force to be reckoned with -a trio yes but the power of three is amazing sometimes. I am constantly impressed with some of the new Heavy Metal still coming out these days.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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