Monday, March 2, 2015

CD Review-Steve Rothery-The Ghosts of Pripyat(Available Now)Inside Out Music

Founder member of Marillion since 1979, Steve’s melodic and atmospheric style has been an integral part of Marillion’s seventeen albums.

Some fantastic guitar work throughout this album a very melodic piece of music that gives you a sense of wonder the masterful musicianship throughout.

This is a treat for me there are so many bands out there that have the same sound a good number of times yet there are also bands like this that get creative and make some amazing music.

This is somewhat of a dreamland "White Pass" has the drums clicking lightly as almost the sound of train -wonderful mood music indeed.

The title song is a pleasent mix of two guitars starting off nicely with it slightly incresing tempo -then into some great prog rock.Named guitarist of the year by Prog magazine.

Here is a sampler of some of his songs -live

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Anthony Nadeau

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