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CD Review:The Gentle Storm- The Diary(Available March 24th)Inside Out Music -NEW Music Video-Shores of India

One in a very little time there are musicians that when you hear their music you just listen in awe and amazement for me that musician who has done that many times over-this being a third piece of his music I have had the sincere pleasure of hearing sole because I review for this fine label I speak of Arjen Anthony  Lucassen .
What a skill he has to write such interesting and intricate songs that capture the musician in all of us, the added bonus here? Is the incredible voice of Anneke Van Giersbergen to have her vocal on this masterpiece of an album -what a pair they are!

The other undertaking of this album is that there are two different versions of all the songs the first CD is the Gentle Version and on the 2nd CD is all the same songs done in the Storm version, what a concept, truly 

Here is the Storm Version of 
Endless Sea

Here my faithful readers I shall now share with you the Gentle Version of the same song , brilliant and angelic in her voice as well.
Here is the Gentle Version of 
Endless Sea

There are somethings that when put together they are just that much better I admire them all for partaking in this massive album and it's undertaking of some fantastic music that I have been unable to stop playing just for the complete  brilliance of it all.

Heart of Amsterdam 
is the next video that is the first real single from it.

(From the band's bio)
 The album concept is a tale of love, loss, and separation told through the story of two fictional seventeenth-century lovers. A Dutch sailor embarks on a two-year voyage, leaving his wife at home in Holland. The only way for the couple to communicate and keep their love alive during the long separation is through letters. These letters form the basis for the songs on the album. 
The Diary double album - close to a year in the making 

Monday March 23 the day before the release of the album they debut the NEW video for The Shores of India , love this song and video.

So much going on musically and inspires me to be a better writer and better drummer. I hear this music and cannot believe this man is not a household name -but then he creates music for himself first and does not make it for the radio -this is too complicated for radio and that is the best part for it is complete art from the artists heart and speaks truth and belief in one's work to which they strive to better themselves as a musician 

I love the overture of Cape of Storms intro such a beautiful score that he has composed -everything with this album gives me goosebumps for the beauty of it all and the talent of all involved what a thrill it must be to play with this group I am sincerely grateful for this music it insures in me that there is still some incredible music being made from the best source true artistic expression.
 The other staple of this album is the choir used in the songs -some really powerful stuff we have here I do not know if there can possibly be a better album this year -yes I realize that this is a quick judgement only being mid March but this is genius not much more than I can say about it-just honored to have the chance to hear it and hopefully you all out there that read this might give it a chance and might like it too.This is the first release for The Gentle Storm-I so look forward to future works from this group for many years to come.

Below I share my reviews of his previous work that I am also thrilled to have been able to review.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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