Friday, March 27, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: Before I Go To Sleep(Available Now)

This is one complex and somewhat repetitive movie but we will get to that in a bit here.
Nicole Kidman in my books has always been a good actress no matter what kind of new treatment she has done to her face.
Christine(Kidman) lives with her husband Ben (Colin Firth)she has had an accident and every day is a new day for her as she is an amnesiac , soon as she falls asleep her brain switches off and then begins a new day , each and everyday is the same for Ben as he reminds her of her past and when they got together.
Christine has a neurologist who helps her with her memory -days before we ever join her in her life she has , under instruction of Dr Nasch to place a camera in her closet drawer. Upon finding it she is told to record her thoughts and memories each day as a visual journal of sorts.
The film works so well mostly because all the performances are top notch here, there is lots of lying and deciept and I had lots of troubles with the abuse scenes. 
We  are along for the ride on this one ,not because this is something that is new at all-rather it is because everyone is so good in their roles and the ending is one of the more satisfying endings I have seen in some time.
I found myself very compelled to watch the end of the film as I wanted to find out exactly what happens, that is rare for some films to have that kind of power over  me.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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