Thursday, March 19, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Captive(Available Now)

This is another gem of a film from Canadian Filmmaker Atom Egoyan here Ryan Reynolds plays a father of a young woman that wants to be a figure skater and one  day they stop for a pie at the local pie shop. She stays in the vehicle as she just had a skating session. Upon entering the shop  the camera slowly pans to the front window not at all focusing on the vehicle they were in.
When he  returns to the vehicle she has vanished  scared his daughter  has walked away from the vehicle he searches around for her.
This film handles the story very well this could have gone in a total different direction and be extremely weird and uncomfortable -this does somewhat go in that direction but I feel the situations were handled well and the outcome is a satisfactory one.
The overall panic and stress of the parents upon the disappearance is also warranted -the police suspect the father as they tend to in most cases that is something that is very real
Everyone is a suspect from where we the viewer sits -they do fill us in on it as the film moves on and that also is handled well.
The best part of the film for me though was the car chase just on the simple fact that whenever I have seen a car chase since the 90's I have always said the person being chased should slam on their brakes and make the bad guys spin out--it happens in this film!
There may be other films where that has happened but this was shot and edited tightly and created a great amount of tension that ran throughout the film.

The film was shot around Ontario, Canada in dead winter and looks extremely cold throughout the film.

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Anthony Nadeau

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