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Press Release: BC Pain Society Presents Canna Fest 2015!--Prism, Lee Aaron, Headpins, & Others Lend A Hand--Updated!

I was sent this press release by my friend Cherelle Jardine (of The Jardines, Stone Poets & now Head) a talented woman in her own right -will also be joined on the stage by many of Canada's many talented acts ever in music.

Press Release:

BC Pain Society is proud to present CannaFest 2015 with Rock and Roll legends, Lee Aaron, Jerry Doucette, Prism, Kenny Shields and Streetheart, Headpins and Lou Gramm the voice of Foreigner. 
Local BC bands include Mad Dog, Whiskey Throttle, HEAD and Franklins Dealers.

August 7 and 8 2015.
James Donaldson Park 
75th Ave
Grand Forks, BC
Doors open at 2:30 pm
Show 4:20-12:00 am
all ages show

2 day pass 75.00, 1 day 50.00 Youth tickets 10+ 30.00 free 9 and under

Hosted by Nick Brusatore Chairman of Affinor Growers 
Tickets available, 2908 Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC 

In Grand Forks at “The Source” 334 Market Ave 250-442-8883, Kocomos 7361 2nd Street (250) 442-0500

CannaFest was created by Chuck Varabioff, Executive Director of the B.C. Pain Society, 2908 Commercial Drive, which houses and runs Canada’s first marijuana vending machines. Since opening in February 2014, Chuck and the BC Pain Society have made headlines around the world with his vending machine initiative and made medical marijuana users happy with his compassionate prices, great staff and high-quality medicine.

A serial entrepreneur, Chuck is always looking for ways to give back to the community and this yearly music festival is the perfect way to combine the power of rock music with the education of the healing power of pot.

All travel arrangements and flights for CannaFest can be booked through local sponsor Mega Travel Ltd., located at 2036 Kingsway. Contact Josie at MEGA TRAVEL (604.708.5491) to make plans for CannaFest 2015.

For more information please contact:

Media: Chuck, 778.789.7897

Marketing/social media Cherelle  604.306.0632

Some History on some of the talents involved:
(Sorry had the wrong band initially-here is the right band)

Mad Dog 20/20 was formed in the spring of 2008 by a group of friends wanting to play classic rock and play in front of people.

Our group has changed over the years. Busy work schedules, 6 new kids in less that 3 years keeps band members busy!!

Thanks to our current line up of band members for keeping our group going. Grand Forks and Boundary has the best fans!!!

Franklins Dealers ! A guitar driven riff rock band from Vancouver,reaching back in time to create a fresh and unique classic sound. 
The Dealers are Nick Brusatore vocal,Dean Kruger guitar,Marco Tambasco
bass and Joe Wowk ,Frank Baker (Formally of Sweeney Todd )Guitar and Drums

To sum up Lee Aaron’s career in one paragraph is near impossible. This legendary rock diva started out singing jazz and Broadway standards in musical theatre in the Toronto suburbs, hanging out in music class after school, practicing and picking the brains of her instructors. By 15 she had formed a rock band, singing, playing keyboards and sax, and began playing all-ages shows.

While still in her teens, she wrote and recorded her debut, 1982’s The Lee Aaron Project. Featuring some of Canada’s most notable talent at the time (Triumph/Moxy) the LP was released on Polygram in Europe and garnered a feature in Britain’s Kerrang! magazine. That was followed with an appearance at 1983’s Reading Festival, where she blew away fans and critics alike with her powerhouse vocals and vibrant stage energy.

In 1984 she released Metal Queen. The album’s title track, a hard driving anthem about female empowerment, catapulted Aaron to iconic status in the rock world.

Concurrent with 2004’s Beautiful Things (Billboard claimed it her best yet), Aaron toured up until a month before her first child was born. For the last decade, outside of a handful of select appearances, she has been out of the spotlight, devoted to family and raising her two children. She currently resides in the Vancouver, Canada area with her husband, two children and two dogs.

NASA chose Prism’s “Spaceship Superstar” as the official song aboard Space Shuttle Discovery during its historic final flight, which speaks to Prism’s ongoing popularity, even in outer space! Meanwhile, back on earth:

They've sold millions of albums, with songs that have become standards - Spaceship Superstar, Take Me to the Kaptin, Flying, Armageddon, Take Me Away, Young & Restless, Night to Remember, Don’t Let Him Know among them. Prism itself is classic rock.

With two Juno Awards (Canada’s Grammy) for Album & Group of the Year, multi-platinum albums and a continuing legacy of sold-out shows, Prism is a must-see live attraction. The band rocks out the hits more energetically than ever, thrilling audiences nationwide.

Founding member Al Harlow’s showmanship drives Prism forward with award-winning alumni Gary Grace, Tad Goddard and Marc Gladstone’s brilliant performances of the trademark Prism sound.

Every day across the country, radio is playing the many Prism classics. Combine unstoppable world-class concerts, and the best may be yet to come.

Kenny Shields & Streetheart:

Western Canadian Hall of Fame Inductees in 2003, this multi-platinum recording band continues to be of Canada's premiere Classic rock acts. KS&S maintains a high quality of musicianship, superb vocals, hit songs and fan support that keeps this great band current and vital.

HEAD was born of the rather twisted psyches of misfits and outcasts.Their collective histories hint at the slightly skewed nature of the music.
HEAD is dark, but highly-charged. HEAD is controversial and edgy. HEAD is a Vancouver band and its what might happen if you mixed a little Tea Party with Garbage and Nine Inch Nails. 
Coquettish vocals; electro-slash guitars; mood altering keyboards; intoxicating rhythms laced with dark, erotic lyrics.
HEAD is rock. A little industrial, sexually moody, heavy, but melodic. And HEAD is coming for you...
HEAD music was recorded at The Warehouse and Zed Productions with an amazing team and Sheldon Zaharko at the helm - the engineer wizard. This self titled EP is Produced by Marc Gladstone and HEAD. Mastered by Andy VanDette 
Engine Room Audio New York

Many have live a troubled past; few have come through it so well. A survivor of alcoholic parents, an abusive father, kidnapping and death threats towards her family, Lyric exorcises her demons onstage through song. “I use my past as a vehicle for ascension through music”... and that she does. Whether it be the song’s subject matter, her yearning, soul-searching voice, or while she’s seductively whispering to the audience as one, her stage performance will leave you feeling as if you’ve known her all your life and at the same time as if you’ve never seen anyone like her...

It started with a concept. Stone was there. The concept took its first flight in song. Stone was there. If Lyric can be said to be the soul of HEAD, then Stone is the heart... literally a “heart of Stone”. But, while Lyric uses her voice to share her pain, Stone was never much for conversation. Steeped in orchestral music and always drawn to darkness, his keyboards were his voice from an early age. His moods, the richness of texture, intensity and depth are what binds the music of HEAD together and the shackles that capture and hypnotize the listener...

The first thing most notice about Od is his peculiarity, and while a pronounced strangeness is definitely present, first impressions being what they are, it falls significantly short of the mark. From the initial razor-slash of his guitar, to alternate stringed soundscapes, to his versatility on keyboards, to stage antics constantly vying, beckoning, luring the audience to follow him at their own peril, on a journey only he knows... Od force feeds the grit and the drive, as well as a slight unpredictability and chaotic wildness, leaving his followers wondering how they arrived here... hmmm... that’s Od...

The Phantom:
Nobody knows too much about The Phantom. He materializes for shows, rehearsing and recording, but the times between those events? No one’s really sure. It’s not clear where he goes, what his history is, how he arrives... even who he is beyond... he’s The Phantom. What IS obvious is the pulse and enchanted rhythm of those trench-ripping, dark bass lines that drip from his long fingers, compelling audiences to sway with him... to follow him down the next black passageway... to be led anywhere... resistance is futile...

Being locked in the cellar for most of his youth... that changes a person. Styxx took his frustrations and abandonment issues out on anything nearby that could withstand his constant punishment, beating on the very foundation of his prison, learning to channel his anger and violence in rhythm. Deep, primal, primitive rhythms that pulse and drive the music irresistibly forward... Styxx became the very foundation that imprisoned him, finally breaking out and emerging like the beast reborn... into the musical enigma that is HEAD...
                                              HEAD--Music(click here)

JERRY DOUCETTE came by his talent and success naturally: his family are musicians by trade. As a youngster he would sit in on jam sessions with his father and Uncle Jim. The family picked up their MONTREAL stakes and moved to HAMILTON, Ontario when Doucette was 4 years old, and two years later he got his first guitar. Lessons soon followed at age 8 and he joined his first band, the REEFERS, at age 11. He remained with the group for five years then moved to Toronto, playing in various bands like TRIBE, BRUTUS, ABERNATHY SHAGNASTER, and HOMESTEAD. He hooked with Alexis, who was working on a deal with Mushroom Records out of VANCOUVER, and when she got signed, she asked him to make the trek out west. Nothing came of the Alexis recording sessions and so he answered the call for a guitarist for the SEEDS OF TIME, featuring future Prism co-founder Lindsay Mitchell. Six months later he joined the ROCKET- NORTON BAND (Norton also going on to be in Prism), but two years later he was tired of the local bar scene and retired.

Jerry is still out here teaching us about the PASSION of music and you can catch him live with his all star crew… Doug Elliot (bass), Marco Ibarra (drums), and Paul Kaip (guitar)…proving it again each time he hits the stage that he hasn't lost his edge, delivering clean melodies and slick pop each time out.


Originally formed by Brian MacLeod and Ab Bryant as a sort of 'side project' from Chilliwack, the group was rounded out by drummer Bernie Aubin and Darby Mills, one of the west coast's hottest new singers. Their impact was immediate even before they'd landed a record deal, quickly earning the reputation as one of the west coast's most energetic and magnetic live groups. The band's chemistry with the crowds was rivalled by few and they soon became one of the hottest commodities in Canadian rock, beginning with their first show in hometown Vancouver backing up Blackmore's Rainbow in 1979..

Two videos below:

Last but not least
After rising to prominence as the frontman for the hard rock combo Foreigner, Lou Gramm mounted a successful solo career during the '80s, cracking the Top 10 in 1987 with the single "Midnight Blue" and repeating the process two years later with "Just Between You and Me." Born in Rochester, NY, on May 2, 1950, Gramm first surfaced as the drummer with the band Black Sheep, assuming lead vocal duties prior to recording the group's self-titled 1975 Capitol debut. Neither the album nor its follow-up.
(The Voice of Foreigner)

As the decade drew to an end, Gramm was sidelined with several health issues. He was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor on the eve of the band's planned Japanese tour in 1997, and the surgery that followed damaged his pituitary gland. After a year of rehabilitation and radiation treatment, the singer made a full recovery and resumed touring in 1999. He split with Foreigner once again in 2003, however, preferring to tour in support of his solo material instead.

For tickets here is the link below:

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