Friday, March 13, 2015

Short Story Cinema: Granny Fuckers -Something That Is Not For Everyone

There are a few that might be offended by the title I was at first -however that being said we are talking of a short film that was sent to me by my friend Nadine.

Here she is with co-director Trevor Hagen and they both were at the Vancouver Badass Short Film Festival where Nadine's previous film "No Pets Allowed" was given an award for Best Guts.

The first of it's kind not only is the title Vancouver -so are the selections of all the films that were chosen they were from across the Lower Mainland. Keep watching here for some reviews on some of the films I have been given the honor of receiving to review as well.

As for the film we are all here for is Granny Fuckers not the family kind of films you might want to to sit with the rest of the family with but for those of us that can appreciate the work involved and even the crudeness -it can be enjoyed by people like myself that has an appreciation for film and the cheap effects and cheesy dialogue 
John Waters I would say would enjoy this film a lot.

Not know who John Waters is? That is fine you won't offend him but he did discover Divine and some Pink Flamingos as well.
I oddly enjoyed this film even though some scenes had me look away -like before the scene above granny tosses her panties off and hit the wall.
Schlocky and weird this is another great outing by Nadine and Trevor if anyone can say they actually enjoyed the film-I guess I get close to it (tongue in cheek, for those that do not know my humor)

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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