Thursday, March 19, 2015

Short Story Cinema: Sensitive 70's Turtleneck Tough Guys

There are full length films that more often than not these days I say they would had been better had they been a short film, the same reverse story has gone for a great number of the short films I have seen, This is one of those films I wish was longer.
From the start we are brought back to the good old city in the 70's (of course)macho was in-turtlenecks and sensitive guys?? Well OK, that is the ongoing joke here in our film as at the bar they both talk of their newly found sensitive side and yet at almost each edit we are shown the two of them in some pretty good fights.
The fight scenes are well done they have most of the standard fight scenes from that day and I watched so many of them back in the day and still do -one of  the most under appreciated genres of film next to horror in my opinion.
There is even a woman that looks very close to that of Sandra Locke(above)from Clint Eastwood's film Sudden Impact) who is Madam and is easily seduced by Ramundo Bala P.I.(Jose Montesinos) played to perfection and stylish in his  turtleneck and cigarettes -tough guy and a woman's man.
Another sensitive guy is his buddy Detective Frank Cox(Eric Jacobus) is tied up by a woman torturing him -he gets himself out of the rope she has tied him up with to save a deer mouse. Above he watches as the mouse makes his safe departure.
The continuous fight scenes throughout and the macho dialogue made me love this film even more as it is a great tribute to the films of old and the filmmakers show their skills as well.
This was a great time of 11 minutes if you have the chance to see this I think you would like it - I know I sure did and cannot recommend it enough.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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