Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Rappists- Demolicious Part 3 NEW Album Coming Soon!

This group of fine individuals were the first I contacted when I did my fundraiser last August-with all their support it was amazing -they closed out the night and then most of the members made a trip to another bar in town and raised yet more money for the event.
The photo above is actually the cover of their upcoming album which will be released at a Top Secret date(they don't have one yet!)some words on the album cover can however be seen here.

The photo used for the cover of our third installment in the Demolishious series was taken by Aaron Dyke, during the filming of our video for "Tetris Song", back when we were working on our first release. It is a photograph of the infamous Northumberland Court building which once stood in South Haney, being mulched into small pieces. An iconic building for all the wrong reasons, and tearing it down didn't fix anything, the problem just moves, adapts, survives...anyway, the general theme of this album's art will reflect the area in which most of this material was much it's changed, and how much it's stayed the same.
If you like old-school rap this band is about as tight as you can get they are a gang of friendliness and some good old rap.

Check them out.
So they have some good raps about bodily functions they also have some that speak of things important like Pyramid Scheme.

The dates that are hard to see are as follows 
Submission Feb 1- March 15, 2015
Voting March 1-March 15, 2015
Judging March 15-25th
The reason I am sharing that is that 3 of the members have entered songs into this.


The Rappists-Demolicious Part 3 teaser trailer--click here
"LEAKED" Demolicious 3-BANNED VIDEO(not really)-click here

Vicious 5150 Entry-click here to listen

Mr Stabby Entry-click here to listen

Mr Mordor Entry-click here to listen

Best of luck to all involved in the contest and will keep you all updated as to when the new album drops -then get to the van and get one , with some Free Candy.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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