Thursday, April 16, 2015

CD Review: Kyshera-Circle(Available Now)-Konic Records

Founded in 2005

Alternative Rock / Konic

Band Members

James Kennedy > Vocals / Guitar
Matt Warr > Bass
Glyn Bateman > Drums

Cardiff, South Wales, UK

Record Label
Konic Records

From Cardiff, South Wales, Kyshera released their 1st album in 2010 and have been a consistent force on the alternative Rock scene ever since. 
Financed exclusively through Crowd Funding & released in March 2015, 'Circle' is an ultra strong collection of melodic alternative Hard Rock songs, chock full of heavy riffs, hooks & audience singalongs, adding yet another level of frenzy to their already notorious live shows. Lyrically also, 'Circle' sees Kyshera move away from the overtly topical subjects of their previous 2 albums, to instead explore more personal themes such as life, death, love, loss & vice, expressed through a character based story which is woven throughout the songs. Media reception of the album was unanimously positive, with PowerPlay Magazine deeming the album Kyshera's 'Masterstroke'. 

Kyshera are a band who have fully embraced the modern era and are heavily involved in their social networks & engaging directly with their fans. The band will now continue to tour as far & wide as possible and who knows what's next!? One thing is certain though, Kyshera will continue to be a band who are innovative, exciting & like nothing else out there.

This is a Movement – Join the Resistance
Current Location

This is yet another band that really deserves credit after all they have been through with the release of their last album I and others know the story , too long and detailed to get into here and this is a new growth for them, musically they have grown this is even a better album than their last , vocally and musically.

They have impressed me as a group and as young men their determination to not give up and keep pushing on , they could show some others how to be a band that never gives up no matter what. This release had a few setbacks and they even made a video to explain all that to their fans and supporters , check it out below -gives you an idea of who they are and how thankful they truly are.

They are sincere as can be I feel they really have done this short video that also has their supporters names on the screen as the video plays as well. Not many do this sort of thing.

Here is the first video released for the album,

This is a very strong album I wish them the best with this release this is a mix of ballads, love songs, pop songs also some good rock songs as well. Good blend of music all around.

"Break This" "Coma" 'Inertia" I personally feel are the stronger songs on the album, Coma may be repetitive but the strength of the song is fantastic. 
"Gone" is a strong ballad. Video for it is below.
They have done a great job of getting the videos out for this release all the more reason I am sharing them , give you the reader a chance to hear some of their music. 

This is easily some of the more commercial music that I have reviewed in some time, But this is good music and from artists that are passionate about the music first and foremost. I know their early battles and James Kennedy and I have been in contact over the years about it all.
I hope you check them out , their videos etc and their spaces on the internet as well.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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