Sunday, April 5, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: Wild Card(Available Now)

Yes I love my action films and of late there have been some really decent ones as well. John Wick was the last really good one I liked.
This starts out as a typical action film does and plays out in somewhat traditional format as well.The difference here is there is a storyline, and a decent one at that as well as some really strong performances from all the actors.
One of his good friends is attacked by a thug and his henchmen and leave her by the hospital emergency room, she calls Nick(Jason Stathom) upon arriving home - he of course is angered at what happened , she is no damsel in distress please note that she accompanies him to the meeting with the scum that did it to her.
Bringing along some garden shears Holly(Dominik Garcia-Lorido )
who is very good in her role as an escort that once loved Nick.
The one thing I liked the most of this movie that Jason Stathom did not once pick up a gun , he uses his fists, feet, head and other inanimate objects as the cause for harm/death. So many martial arts films especially the ones from Hollywood always grab a gun.
Upon seeing that William Goldman wrote the screenplay I knew it would better than most of what is out there for action films , however upon researching for this review also found out he has written a book called Heat--also that in 1986 Burt Reynolds had a film of the same name as the book. This is a more recent adaptation of that work.He also wrote (Best Original Screenplay)Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid & (Best Adapted Screenplay)All The President's Men
I liked the character of Nick Wild -his way with people not in the violent way but his interaction with all the women in the film he is respectful of them and it also shows in Stathom's performance as well.He has a gambling problem and looses a great amount of money because of it.

The editing also helps move the story along as well ,Padraic McKinley ,Thomas J. Nordberg are given much credit for that from me.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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