Monday, April 13, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Babadook(Available April 14, 2015)

The lack of originality in horror has me doubting anything that has come out in the genre in sometime. There are some that sneak in through the back door or the attic , heck even through a children's book.
Amelia and her son live alone as her husband and Samuel's father was killed in a car accident on route to the hospital when Samuel was born. He has nightmares about monsters so each night before she takes him around his bedroom to search under the bed, closet etc to show him there are no monsters present.
She let's Samuel pick a book to read before bed he picks Mister Babadook, this is one creepy book folks.
This of course does not help Samuel at all-things start to happen around the house-let me tell you there where parts of this movie where I was not breathing, this is some intense stuff here and the build up is the brilliant part of it all. This film is so character driven I loved it so much for that bravo to the filmmakers mostly to the writer/director Jennifer Kent definitely one to keep an eye on in the future, brilliant.
I truly always have wished that horror got more of the respect that it does -there is something different than watching any other genre of film, sure I get it -it's not for everyone but I enjoy a good scare more than a good cry, or an action film which I also enjoy but the good ones are also rare these days.Getting back to respect aspect the young actor who played Samuel(Noah Wiseman)if he was in a drama film he would have been nominated for his work, but because it is horror it does not(for some strange reason)get the same amount of respect.It bothers me, says to those that make horror -you don't count.I will continue to stay strongly devoted to my horror films and the creators and the actors and all those that work all those long hours to bring us this fantastic work.
Everything in this film from it's early beginning right up to the end I was captivated, engrossed like I have not been with any film in a very long time. This is classic storytelling at it's best I cannot recommend this film enough easily one of my top 5 of the year not sure how far up the #'s it will be , it's still early to tell.

Essie Davis(Amelia) gives one of the most shocking and 100% thrilling performance in her role. She is so convincing as a woman who has a difficult son and works at a nursing home that is not satisfying to her at all. Because Samuel is a difficult child he is in trouble at school , with her sister , keeps her awake because of his fear of monsters and the possibility of losing her as well.
What makes this film work so well is the relationship between mother and son , the strength in the actors and the writing really brings it home big time, this film will stand the test of time because of the strong story and characters.
They don't make scares much like this one, a TRUE GEM of a horror film.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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