Monday, May 25, 2015

CD Review: Dirty Shirt -Dirtylicious(Available Now)

Start Date
Born on January 1, 1995

Crossover Folkcore Metal

Band Members
Dan "Rini" Craciun
Robert Rusz
Mihai Tivadar
Cristian Balanean
Pal Novelli
Vlad "X" Toca
Dan Petean

Seini, Romania

Record Label
Promusic Prd

Short Description


DIRTY SHIRT is one of the most active and original rock bands in Romania and winner of 2nd prize at WACKEN METAL BATTLE 2014. Its unique style results from the combination of rock/metal with various other musical elements: Romanian folk music, funk, electro, world music, etc.

“FREAK SHOW”, the third studio album, produced in Los Angeles by Charles „Kallaghan” Massabo, was released in February 2013 and received positive feedback not only from the public (over 30,000 listeners on the Bandcamp page alone), but also from the specialized media in Romania and abroad (over 50 positive reviews), including excellent reviews in well-respected European rock magazines such as Rock Hard Germany, Hard Rock Mag France, Rock Hard Slovakia (plus an interview and mention on the cover), Metal Hammer Hungary, W-Fenec France, Presto France, etc. 

Best Romanian Metal Band at MAXIMUM ROCK AWARDS 2014

Best Romanian Rock Ambasador at METALHEAD AWARDS 2014

2nd place at WACKEN METAL BATTLE 2014

Yet another band that I only had the privilege of hearing because they had found me and asked me to review their last album back in 2013 , what joy it was to receive this being their newest album.
This band gets better each time I hear them even overplaying their previous album, this one has been on heavy rotation on my computer and phone as well. Great creative stuff once again from a band that is willing to put it all out there and take some risks musically.

There is so much diversity in this album -rocking songs and ballads and even instrumentals as well, if you have a look at the video you will see the depth of some of what I am speaking of.

The title track is a funky , upbeat tempo song that seems like they had fun playing and recording.
Below you will find one of the more clever teasers for an album I have seen in sometime, bravo to whomever thought this one up , not your traditional trailer for an album.

"My Art" is a fantastic song and possibly my favorite song on the album if I was forced to picked one, kind of a hard choice when the music is this good!!
Below you can see them perform the song live!!

I sincerely hope they can make it to North America and have a tour where they will grace us with their fantastic sounds , I look forward  to that day --until that day at least we have the albums to listen to.
I hope you give them a chance, I doubt you will be disappointed 

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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