Thursday, June 25, 2015

CD Review: Tempel --The Moon Lit Our Path(Available Now) Prosthetic Records

Band Members:

Ryan - Guitars, Keys, Engineer
Rich - Drums

Phoenix, AZ

Record Label
Prosthetic Records

Instrumental Metal from Phoenix, AZ *Formerly Temple*

Long Description
Temple is an instrumental metal duo from Phoenix, AZ. Formed in 2003 by Ryan Wenzel (Guitars, Keys) and Rich Corle (Drums), TEMPEL manages to blend metal's dark and melodic elements seamlessly. Upon its initial release, "On The Steps Of The Temple" developed a buzz in the underground community and received praise from notable press outlets such as The A.V. Club, who proclaimed, "Tempel takes things to uncharted-and astounding-territory... this is not your typical ethereal, chin-stroking post-metal." Featuring 53 minutes of towering riffs, crushing drums and hauntingly powerful compositions, "On The Steps Of The Temple" consists of "a perfect balance of dedication and originality" (Sludgelord).
Current Location
Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes words are not needed when the music itself is quite capable to do the speaking for you , Tempel succeeds in doing so.

"Descending Into The Labyrinth" is a very powerful song has some great overtones and middle section of the song.

The title song is the strongest song on the album , really dig the overall tone of the song and the tempo is grungy and melodic as well.

I am greatly impressed by the overall depth of the songs and the structure in which they are played as well as the precision as well.

The riffs are catchy as are the bass lines and the drumming helps keep it all together with it also being over the map in a uniform mass of sound , this delivers on so many levels.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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