Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CD Review:Saints of Death.Saints of Death(Available Summer 2015)Self Released --NEW Cover Art!

Initially I had posted the album would be available at the end of the month, talked briefly with Twan last night and he said they are doing a new cover for the album, so will be available this summer.
Will update as soon as they announce a release date.

Having not heard this band before the night of May 6th at The Rickshaw Theatre I was treated to the music where they played their entire EP that I later got from them later that same night.
The night I speak of is one of the bigger tours to hit a small venue like the Rickshaw, but where better than here and this show to give Saints of Death a major break.
Someone I know prior to seeing this band this night is Stoney Oliver Gingras(far right) who also plays bass for another local band My Own Chaos, he joined the band 2 months prior to the show.

Twan Holiday is a menacing man on stage looking ready to take on the world and take some of us with him, He handed me a copy of the CD later in the evening over at their merchandise table.
Enough of that ...onto the review.
This is a great album and  makes me happy it was tracked so well it really brings their sound alive and when more people hear this I am sure they will agree with me.
Stoney was not a part of the recording of this album but is given thanks in the credits as is his lead singer of My Own Chaos -Connie Chaos.

For a debut album I am sure impressed with the overall sound of this. 
From the word go song Army of the Dead starts things off screaming vocals are brutal but also clear Twan has a great metal voice and the fact there are two basses in the band he and Stoney makes it even heavier.
This is a welcome sound onto the local metal scene , look forward to hearing more from these folks.
All the songs are great here but if I had to pick just one it would have to be Blood Vendetta.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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