Monday, June 8, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: Cut Bank(Available Now)

A sleepy little town also holds one of the best murder mysteries in the film as well. We are in Cut Bank, Montana-not a fictional place as most thrillers are also a different style of thriller as well.
Everyone knows everyone in this small town and we are quickly introduced to most of who resides here. The mailman , some of the local residents and some of the hermits as well.
The mystery surrounding the person that is Derby Milton has been in seclusion for some time ,everyone asks "Are you Derby Milton? I thought you were dead". He is on a quest to find the missing parcel that was on it's way to him when the local mailman was murdered.
Yes I gave away a key element of the film , but that is just a small part of this gem of a film. The hunt for the parcel and the mystery of what is in it, what relevance does it hold for the rest of the film. Why was the mailman murdered the questions build and so does the tension. Slow and menacing like a monster waiting to pounce I did not want this film to end.
The writing, acting , the editing and the directing is what really stands out here , when you think that all is hitting the theatres and the television is the big summer movies full of special effects. This is for ones that want a good story with strong characters and good acting all around.

I am not a major fan of modern thrillers as they are usually just the same story time after time, but this one is a true gem of a film easily one of the best of the year!

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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