Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Movie Review : The Lake On Clinton Road(Available On DVD & VOD July 17th)

Based on true events, the film follows a group of school friends who discover their holiday house is haunted.

Starring Alan Bendich (TVs Cagney & Lacey), India Autry (TVs My New Roommate), Aram Bauman (The Lost Children), Tina Krause (Zombie Holocaust), Leah Jones (Urban Legends), Stephanie Marrone, and Richard Ryker. Written and directed by Deshon Hardy .

When 6 friends from Massachusetts finish up classes for the semester, they decide to take a road trip to the Jersey Shore. A birthday celebration at a shore house will be the highlight of their summer, or so they thought. When they get to the house, they realize it’s not the beach house they were expecting. It’s actually in the middle of the woods off a long spooky road, Clinton Road. Clinton Road has been haunted for the past 50 years, this is what Alex, Jillian, Amber, Jamie, Stacy and Mark will soon find out. The sadness of not having a beach near soon disappears as they all rush outside to see ​the ​lake​ . They prepare to have drunken festivities at the lake but thats when the horror begins. One by one they all disappear. Who will be the last? Who will be the first? Will anyone survive?

This starts out as your standard friends going away for the weekend but then pummels into something a bit more different for nor Jason Vorhees or the crazy brothers from Wrong Turn are here ,but instead a vengeful soul.
The characters are still cut outs from previous horror films you have the jocks, the girl that hates camping, the chubby guy that everyone makes fun of etc. But then once things start to turn then the film gets interesting.
There are possessions and some creatures that really are somewhat creepy with the editing and visuals that work within the moment , the overall film had some good horror elements.
I have watched a lot of movies in my day and one of my favorite genres is horror , for me a storyline and pacing is far more important than blood and guts. This was one of those better films where the characters were introduced to us and then the horror started later on it has more of a personal approach in it's horror.
One of the elements that worked well is the first victim is dragged across the floor from the evil and it works very well.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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