Thursday, July 16, 2015

CD Review: Prowler -From The Shadows Available July 20, 2015--Future PR/Slaney Records

Started in September 2010


Band Members

Prowlite Hail - Vocals, Guitars
Jak Sumwalt - Drums
Shawn Bruce - Bass, Vocals, Samples

South Carolina, US

Record Label

Short Description


PROWLER is a 3-piece metal band with terrorific riffs, spine-tingling sounds, memorable lyrics and quotes that should be familiar to aficionados of the horror movie classics genre.

The mix of horror and metal are tradition and what a great mix they are --even shows more here as we have some samples of Pet Semetary  the cover of the Ramones song from Stephen Kings movie of the same name. Also Kurt Russell from The Thing in The Thing not Seen.
Being a huge fan of metal and horror this is some great stuff.

The other horror films they have tribute songs to on this album are
Return of the Living Dead, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Christine, The Fog, Salem's Lot The Wolfman(1941)
They all have samples of the movies they tribute and are clearly Stephen King fans as well.
This album all sounds like it was recorded in the mid 80's and that is great as that was a great time for Heavy Metal ,the best song on the album for me is Creature of the Black.
Great riff and overall beat -everything has that classic metal sound -this whole album is great , this song is a nice way to end of the album .

From the band's bio:

Is it fair to state that as metalheads we spend a lot of our time checking out new records? Hunting out the next big thing that we can introduce our friends to, something new, and something that evokes the feelings we once got on an almost daily basis back in the day when first discovering metal.

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