Thursday, July 2, 2015

CD Review: Straight Line Stitch-Transparency(Available Now)Pavement Entertainment

Started in 2000


Band Members
Alexis Brown - Vocals
Darren McClelland - Bass
Jason White - Guitar

Knoxville, TN

Record Label
Pavement Entertainment

Short Description

Music - Metal/Hard Rock

Heavy metal and hard rock fans are a fickle and discerning bunch. Bands that attempt to make a career for themselves by trend jumping with half-hearted devotion do not last. Straight Line Stitch has been steadily ascending the ranks of metal and hard rock through authentic and impassioned performances, an organic evolution of their writing and recording, and a tried and true road warrior mentality towards touring. The band defined who they were early on in their career and held steadfast to their beliefs while making the natural progressions and growth of a committed touring band. While being genuine at the core of a band's being is an absolute necessity for credibility and longevity, it gets you nowhere fast if the songs do not matter
This is a heavy hitting band and has some brutal screaming and clean singing mixed as one as in the opening track which is actually the 2nd song as the first in only a lead into the song.
But "Dark Matter' was what I was referring too.

That being said this is really a 5 song album and really like the switches throughout even the first song-shows some great musicianship and their ability to change tempos, vocals and the mood throughout.

The mix between the poppy vocals and the sudden switch to guttural singing keeps it interesting vocally such a range that Alexis has and applaud them to sticking to their guns and releasing the album the way they wanted it and for Pavement Entertainment allowing them to do so as well.
"Wilderness" just pounces on you like a wild animal and does not let up -even when the vocal switch happens it's still heavy musically.

This is a great album enjoy it very much and hope to hear more from this group soon.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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