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CD Review: Titan's Eve--Chasing The Devil (Available Now) Asher Media Relations

Band Members
Brian Gamblin - Guitars and lead Vocals
Kyle Gamblin - Guitars and vocals
Jesse Hord - Bass 
Casey Ory - Drums
A Vancouver born Modern Thrash outfit. Titan’s Eve formed in 2008 by brothers Brian and Kyle Gamblin, with Casey Ory on Drums and later joined by Jesse Hord on bass. From day one the band has written the tunes they want to hear, and taken charge of their musical ambitions on their own terms. The early days saw the 4 piece defining their sound and making fans in their home city.
2009/2010 featured their emergence on the Canadian metal scene and the beginning of a strong fan base. They embarked on their first western Canadian tour and gave Canadians a real live taste of their sound. While gaining support and honing their music they ventured into a local studio with the talented Curt Wells. Their first album “The Divine Equal” was later mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow of Calgary Tech-metal band Divinity. With the release and critical acclaim the album received, their first Cross-Canadian tour followed exposing even more to their unique brand of thrash metal.
2013-14 had been used for writing and recording their third album, with breaks from the rehearsals by touring westeren Canada, playing music festivals and opening for the likes of Diamoned Head, Raven and soulfly. The album was recorded in Vancouver’s legendary Warehouse Studio with renowned producer and engineer Eric Mosher. The mastering was completed by Canadian metal hero Jeff Waters of Annihilator.

There is some great music being made in the city of Vancouver and surrounding areas -regardless of what your taste in music may be there is something for everyone.
Titan's Eve is a great metal band with some thundering tracks which as each track comes on --the sound keeps going up.That is I keep turning it up.
Also mastered by a true Canadian Metal monster and master of the guitar Jeff Waters.

This is just constantly a great musical achievement by this group --really some mastered out songs and great riffs and vocals that make the eardrums bleed with pleasure.

© 2015 Derek Carr
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Stranded is a very nice instrumental that starts out with a simple strum of a guitar -but then becomes more melodic as the song progresses with some great touches --guess some of you folks out there didn't think metal heads had it in them did you?

© 2015 Derek Carr
Used With Permission

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