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CD Review-Unleash The Archers-Time Stands Still(Available Now) Napalm Records

Started in 2007

Band Members:

Brittney Slayes - Vocals

Scott Buchanan - Drums

Grant Truesdell - Guitar, Vocals

Andrew Kingsley - Guitar, Vocals

Kyle Sheppard - Bass

Vancouver, CANADA

Record Label
Napalm Records (World)
Spiritual Beast (Asia)

Iron Avantegarde Publishing

Short Description
Hails from the frozen north \m/
Long Description
HomePage: www.unleashthearchers.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/UnleashTheArchers
Bandcamp: www.unleashthearchers.bandcamp.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/unleashthearchers 
Twitter: www.twitter.com/UnleashArchers 
Myspace: www.myspace.com/unleashthearchers 
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Unleash+The+Archers 
Message Board: http://unleashthearchers.boards.net/

Member Profiles:
Brittney Slayes https://www.facebook.com/brittneyslayesUTA

Andrew Kingsley https://www.facebook.com/pages/Andrew-Kingsley/384586621639754
We call on you, metal warriors, to join us on this northern passage through the forsaken wastelands of our world. Take up your frozen steel, carry onward, and listen to the hail of the tide, for tonight we ride for glory. Unite! Test your metal on the flesh of those who would stand against us! There will be no crypt for you at battle’s end, for we live in an age with no more heroes than those that rally as one, side by side to face the dreamcrusher that awaits. Rise with your metal brethren! A million strong we are going down fighting… Bound by honour, bathed in glory, for victory we fly, until time stands still around us. Hail! \m/

This band from Vancouver has a good history and strong local following I have never made it to a show nor reviewed any of their previous works and am wishing I had--WOW can Brittney Slayes ever belt out the vocals with utter control and power all at once with some awesome power playing from all the members of the band as well.

Brittney and I had a brief chat on Skype that did not end up being recorded in full and that was a shame as we covered some good things for instance how female singers in metal are often compared to their sisters of metal instead of just letting them sing.

Some great songs all across the album --some great sounds happening here vocally and musically as well.
Below is the first video from the album 
"Tonight We Ride"

I am so happy for this band or any band locally that makes it all happen for them and as you can see it does not always happen overnight either, a lot of hard work and determination as well.

I hope they are celebrating as they are in the picture above as they have some fantastic songs on this album and should be really proud of the work here , I sure am impressed by it.
Below is their second video from the album 
"Test Your Metal"

The vocals are most impressive here on all counts --brings a whole different dynamic to the entire approach and really livens things up --some very strong vocals and backing vocals --

The band is also starting a tour here in Vancouver this Thursday night July 30th with local bands Iron Kingdom and Omega Crom & Medevil 

I will be attending the show and hope to get some interviews as well.

Then in September they hit the road on their tour with Hibria:

So how this tour came about is Grant Truesdell (guitars-Vocals)
has started a local metal label called Test Your Metal Records and well, here is some info on that as well.

Vancouver, BC based Test Your Metal Records is proud to announce its entry into the mosh pit on the international metal scene with its first signing of Brazilian power metallers HIBRIA for the release of their fifth and upcoming self-titled full length set for release on August 7th, 2015 with album pre-order available here.


“I am very excited to announce the launch of my new record label 'Test Your Metal Records'. After playing in bands and touring for the past 15 years I've developed the relationships and connections to be able to help others in the Canadian and worldwide music scene. I hope to bring more international acts into Canada and spread the Canadian metal internationally to show the world what we have to offer. I have some amazing bands and an amazing team to work with me, so I just want to thank you all in advance and together we will keep Heavy Metal alive!" comments Test Your Metal Records owner Grant Truesdell.

Test Your Metal Records stands to leave a positive impact and everlasting dynasty within the Canadian Rock and Metal music scene. First and foremost TYM was founded to ensure the continued creation of music, art and culture! To employ as many people doing what they love, and to ultimately assist the worldwide music scene thrive in any way. 

-Evilheart (Mexico)
-Hibria (Brazil)


Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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