Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Movie Review : Sharknado 3--Oh Hell No!--SyFy/The Asylum

Hoping for a sequel even the third one in to be even half or in this case a 1/3 as good is expecting much. The reason so much falls flat for this film is that is does not have the fun of the first 2 films.

The fun is gone, the camp-i-ness is gone as well pretty much what made the first 2 films work so well have been stripped from this one.
Not sure the reasoning behind it myself.

One scene that does stick out is the one above as they are both ejected from their space shuttle near the end of the film and they both rise out of the water in slow motion wearing all that you see above --so some eye candy for either sex.

Don't get me wrong the acting is bad and so are the special effects but this is what we expect from a film with a title like this --but when they want us to start believing that this could happen and coming across as a real disaster film is what does the film in  here for me anyways.

I have always been a strong supporter of The Asylum and their films , upon checking the first film I ever reviewed for them was "Grimm's Snow White" March 2012-they were also the first movie studio to allow me to review for them as well so we have some history.
I always start a film from these folks with the hope of some good entertainment and the majority of the time I am--this was not one of those occasions.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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