Monday, August 3, 2015

British Columbia Talent--Music For BC Day!

There is so much talent all over this country of ours but a great amount of it is right here in BC I cannot possibly cover every single artist/band that is here but will do a good effort to try and get some covered and think I will be doing more of this on a more regular basis.

So in no particular order at all lets get this started shall we?

The Rappists are a group from Maple Ridge and a great bunch of people as well --do many shows around the lower mainland 

Kill Matilda is a trio from Vancouver a good punk rock sound on their new song "Needle & Thread"

They are currently on tour as well:

This next band has a great amount of talent to go over here.
They are Stone Poets
We shall go left to right for these three.

Marc Gladstone is not only a member of this band but also The Jardines, Prism, & also HEAD a new group for the man.

Cherelle Jardine is also a member of The Jardines , Head, she is also CEO of Laser Beam Entertainment and engaged to Marc Gladstone.

Scott Jackson is the lead singer of a tribute band for U2 simply named U4 and had some prior releases of his own music as well-as it shows in the cover photo for this article.

Hilary Grist is next in line and I have been following and covering her music over the years and she just recently (last month) came out with a children's book & CD of lullabies 

Another group from Maple Ridge is Still Spirits they are as they have on their Facebook page they are a busking/Bluegrass/Olde Time band have a listen.

The next artist is Hazen Sage a guitarist and singer I am sure those that are here that do not like the heavy metal I post here most of the music that is here in this post.

Yet another band from Maple Ridge is a metal band named Warrborn they along with The Rappists and some other bands that played my event last August.
I will cover in other editions of this segment some of the other bands that played it as well.

Hey Ocean is the other band in the group of artists residing here in the lower mainland and this is my favorite song of theirs

The last artist I am going to leave you with is T. Nile I say that as it is almost 8 pm here and blogger has been acting up the majority of the day --was hoping to post this all earlier but here it is later than planned.

T. Nile is a singer/songwriter from Vancouver/Galiano Island 
she is 
Electro-Folk / Synth-Pop/ Romantic Indie

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

I post the banner below on the fact that Music B.C. is a non-profit organization and just giving them some support.

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