Friday, August 21, 2015

CD Review: Battlecross- Rise To Power(Available Now)Metal Blade Records

Kyle Gunther Vocals -
 Tony Asta Guitar - 
Hiran Deraniyagala Guitar - 
Don Slater Bass - 
Alex Bent Drums

Genre: Cross-over Thrash/Classic American Heavy Metal

Fast and furious throughout their entire set when I saw them back in June at The Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver, BC. I also got to interview Kyle the lead singer of the band --will post that at the bottom of the review if you have not heard that yet.

This is as hard hitting an album from this band if you have heard them before are familiar with their sound --this shall not disappoint.
I am sure lucky to get this album and to be able to review it as well -some incredibly fast musical playing they sure know how to bring the intensity to their music.

Not Your Slave was the first song released from the album it was just a MP3 video but a great song none the less.

Check it out below if you have not heard it yet.

The pacing of the songs are incredible and being able to perform them live when I saw them Kyle had his ribs all taped up ,but he said talking hurt more than singing. He is a good guy spent good time with me answering a number of questions.

Here below is their first music video from the album 
This is "Absence"

Here is my interview with Kyle of the band and please keep in mind if you hear any music -tapping etc that is Alex -their drummer--he was in the room as well doing some warm ups

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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