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CD Review: Killing Gandhi-Cinematic Parallels(Available August 14th) Metal Detector Music Promotions

This rating is a special rating basically it is a 5.5 out of 5 stars 

Thorbjørn "ThunderBear" Jensen - Vox 
Martin Arendal - Guitar 
Kasper Gram - Bass 
Rasmus Schmidt - Drums

We decided to do an album that came to our minds and to have absolutely no boundaries,” states Martin Arendal and Kasper Gram, who have been musical playmates since the late ‘80.
The idea for writing an album together came in the aftermath of a somewhat tragic musical breakdown, and the drive to keep the spirit of being a musician alive and try new challenges. They teamed up in early 2011, and from the first couple of hours they knew that this was it! They wrote the album through 2011 to the end of summer 2012. In that period they did tryouts for several drummers, and found Rasmus Schmidt, who immediately took the role as the "metronome monster". With the new member found, the somewhat of an endless quest was still going on. The quest for finding the leading role of the band. The singer! Already in the spring of 2011, the search for that role was started and it took them from their native soil, Denmark, to Sweden, England and the search went on and on and on, only to find out that the task was hard and not as easy as first thought of. It took two years to get to the point of finding the missing link. In the spring of 2013 the demoing and final writings for the upcoming album began, with the voice of Thorbjørn Jensen in mind. He was that diamond in the rough this band all along had in mind.

Always new bands to hear as there are so many labels that want to get the music out for the bands that are on the label, and for good reason the bands deserve to be heard. That being said this is one of those bands that you may ask yourself why did I not hear them before?
I can answer that as Heavy Metal has always been an underground scene --sure there are millions of AC/DC & Metallica fans but they are radio friendly bands now.
This band and many I review and other metal sites are not radio friendly as they do not fit a radio format--that's great as most of radio sucks major ass anyways.
With off tempo playing and vocals that aren't clear for everyone to understand I get it this is not for everyone, but there is some amazing music here from this band 

I really enjoy this album very much and am impressed with the diversity of the album, yes I said it in a metal album. Those that do not hear this music as much as I do or my co-hearts that do this sort of thing cannot appreciate what is happening musically with this band.

As I get older the amount of the bands that are coming out that seem so young when looking at their promo pics , but who cares they are making some good metal --says more than some of the old school bands that are not putting out high caliber music any longer.

A preview trailer above gives you a slight idea of how awesome this album really is , have a  listen if you care to hear some good metal.
Song after song is crushing and Heavy Metal!!
This year has been shaping up to be another great year for music, so many bands so little time to hear them all but I am thankful for the music from the bands and the labels for sending it my way.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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