Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CD Review- Riverside: Love, Fear & The Time Machine(Available September 4, 2015)Inside Out Music

Founded in 2001
Progressive Rock, Rock
Band Members
Mariusz Duda - vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar / 
Piotr Grudziński - guitars / 
Piotr Kozieradzki - drums / 
Michał Łapaj - keyboards
Warsaw, Poland
Record Label
Inside Out
Short Description
Long Description
Riverside is a way of expressing reflections, dreams and fantasies through music. It is an idea for exposing emotions, for an escape from the grey or unnaturally overcoloured reality. It is music inspired by a time, a place, a thought and a word, a figment of their own and other people's imagination. It is joy and sadness, a whisper and a scream.

Some magical music created by this fantastic group and once again another 5.5 star review, it's that good just the vocals alone are great but then the music backing it all up adds the depth.

Progressive rock and melodies that those that do not care for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal will enjoy.I did as this groups previous album had me playing it a number of times as I have with this one as well.

This video below is from their last release in 2013.

Some great music back then , but feel they have steadily grown to be a better band , this is easily a better album musically and all around songwriting, vocals and they are just sounding better here.
Here below is a lyric video for "Discard Your Fear"

This has really been an incredible year for music again and bands like this just make it better , so happy to have received this album for review. I thank the band and the label for allowing me to do so.
Some teaser trailers for the album:

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