Sunday, August 2, 2015

Faye's Redemption Could Use Your Kind Support --George O'Barts Thanks You!

I was given the opportunity last year to get sent and review George's movie "Pizza Shop :The Movie" which I enjoyed and now George is working on another film and could use some help from you folks out there.

Faye's Redemption is the story of a woman who looses her husband in a tragic shooting accident, then her gay son to AIDS just a few years later. Overwhelmed with grief she takes to drinking and eventually ends up in a coma in a government run hospice where she was placed to die. Against the odds, she wakes up and is promptly confronted by an angel and a devil who force her to recount the unfortunate events of her life to determine her souls final destination. With all hope seemingly lost, Faye's fate appears to be sealed.  Then her son's surviving partner shows up with the news that he has decided to hire a surrogate and have a child using the sperm sample her son put in a facility after a testicular cancer scare before he died.  Faye is going to be grandmother after all.  Suddenly she has a reason to hope and live, but is it too late. Her supernatural visitors seem to think so. Faye's Redemption is a touching tale of love, understanding and forgiveness when all hope seems lost.  This feature film is based on the short "Final Hours" that came out in 2014.  Below you will find links to the original short and our crowd funding campaign on indiegogo, where we are trying to raise enough funding to finish the film.  When the campaign started we had hoped to raise enough to shoot 6 additional scenes.  We have managed to edit around those scenes and now are hopeful to at least raise enough money to cover post production costs of half that amount, so we can bring this wonderful film to market.

Final Hours Short link:

Crowd-Funding link--any pledges would need to be in by August 24th.

Faye's Redemtion Indiegogo Fundraising Link(click here)

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