Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review -Unfriended (Available Now)

The quote on the box cover is almost as bad as the movie itself and surprising coming from a well respected horror movie magazine.
There is a not an ounce of anything that was scary at all , quite the laugh I had through this mess of a film. The entire film is one Skype call between friends that a year prior someone had taped a young woman passed out that had messed her pants in which in turn took her own life.

This is easily one of the most pointless reason to make a film , watching others for this long on their boring and uninteresting lives that are all bullies in the end and have no self redeeming qualities -there is another as well in the conversation , that is apparently the young woman that took her own life and is now making their life awful, but through the Internet.
The image with no picture is the mysterious person who has taken control of the conversation and types demands and has them play a game, also controls the lights in their houses and can get in and kill them as well. Look at their faces above they look scared , right?
Sure all the actors do the best they can , but their best will not do for this is a bad idea from start to finish , hurts me this is listed in the horror category actually to be honest.

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Anthony Nadeau

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