Friday, August 28, 2015

Short Story Cinema - A Tricky Treat-- A Film by Patricia Chica

Clocking in at a mere 3+ minutes this is one of those shorts where less is more ,but then having the audience wanting more at least I did anyways.

Traditional start to the film mom is in the kitchen making something, not sure what it is , dad has something he has to finish in the garage.

There is some great little shot like the one above where it slowly closes in on the man sitting in the chair .
The camera work is  great for a number of shots and the editing sure help the pace of the film as well.

We see he is chained the chair he is sitting on and his neck is slit and then a chainsaw starts --fade to black.

Unsure we are back in the kitchen -the head of the man is placed in a bowl and the family stands around the table as the marvel at the good one that dad picked this year.
I thought this was maybe a film about cannibals , but then they start removing the brain and eyes etc .
The night longs for blood on All Hallows Eve , they stand on  their porch for a family photo.
At the request of Patricia Chica I will not give away the spoiler ending of the film , as I work with other's and it is a surprise ending.A cool ending as well.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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