Friday, September 25, 2015

CD Review: Huntress -Static(Available September 25) Napalm Records--UPDATED with Music Video "Sorrow"

Some things age better with time , this band is one of those , however have been a fan since I first heard their debut album with this label---"Spelleater"(2012)
This being their third release and I having the honor of being able to review this as well as their previous albums as well.
Also the pleasure of finally seeing them live in and in concert last November with Kreator and Arch Enemy , just have to say once again Jill Janus (for me)stole the show that night her stage presence is awesome.

For a fan of the band this is just more of the same great music and continuous awesome vocal skills from Jill as well.
She has been battling mental illness being bipolar and schizophrenic she was first diagnosed at the age of 20.
She did an in depth interview with Revolver Magazine about the serious things in her life and speaks candidly about her recent cancer scare where she had a hysterectomy which has got all the cancer from her body.
Also to give her even more credit she has also spoke to Psychology Today about all of it as well.
I have not had the chance to read either interview , neither issue has come to my town, so will have to order them I guess.
Would like to share the interviews here but they belong to other writers if you are interested in reading them can find them on each magazines websites.

I can share with you my interviews with her at the end of this review.

This album starts out strong and continues the strength throughout each song demonstrating the power of the band each member doing their part  well.

This is their first video from the new album:
Lyric Video:

The songs have some great classic sounding metal riffs like "Four Blood Moons" something that holds the ears attention.
'Mania" is another one that just gets your attention from the first note and Jills vocals starting and through the entire song, riff throughout as well is great!

With some bands the album coming out is exciting for them and the fans a like , let me  say I am a fan first and a reviewer second.
This band always impresses with each new song or album they release.

Happy to share here with you their new music video 
(Warning Heavy Metal Horror)
Witches and Vampires, with lots of blood--is awesome video

This is their video from their last album 
"Starbound Beast"
Zenith which is my favorite song from the album as well.

They are easily one of my favorite bands of the past number of years!

When I did the interview with her last year I was able to get a picture with her at the merchandise booth where they meet all of their fans after each and every show.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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