Monday, September 28, 2015

Epic Pictures Group Movie Review: Old 37 Stars Kane Hodder & Bill Moseley(Available Now On VOD, October 6 On DVD)

Even though there was a slight relation to some earlier horror movies, what movie these days is not guilty of that in some way now?
There is some really good tension built mainly because of the lead actors playing the villains.
Some horror history if you will please?
Kane Hodder(left) has played Jason Vorhees in the original Friday the 13th series for a total of 4 times , his menacing size and strength makes him a scary opponent in anything. Starring also in the Hatchet series playing Victor Crowley in all 3 films.He was the stunt coordinator for this film.
Bill Moseley is best known as Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 , then went on to shine as Otis one of the very crazy family  members in House of 1,000 Corpses and it's sequel The Devil's Rejects.
There are some actors who just have a gift of being able to get under your skin when they play a certain character , Bill has that gift he is so convincing and menacing even in his tone--he is not an overly big man but he has a way of carrying himself and is so good at what he does.
Kane Hodder plays Jon Roy and his brother Darryl live an abusive home where his father beats them and their mother, they in turn do dads work when he "retires" from what he did , intercept 911 calls and respond to kill helpless victims.

The killings are brutal and there is little torture , this film works for that reason most things here are implied instead of being thrown in our face like a lot of modern horror does now.
There is a good buildup to a good payoff and there are intertwined stories to keep the viewers attention. This is one of the better horror films of the year and would enjoy watching it again.
The other thing that works well, is at night--it really is dark relying only on the lights from afar or somewhere close, not all lit up like a Hollywood horror is. For the shadows hide all evil, even with the emergency lights on!

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Anthony Nadeau

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