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Homeless Rock Stars - Screaming at Demons Helps The Homeless With Their Self Esteem (Updated--Interview Postponed)

Here is something a little different, something I feel that is worth mentioning , it is inspiring and something that more of us could do as well.

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Homeless Rockstars was started by Rock Star photographer Nigel Skeet who started photographing the homeless in hopes of restoring their self-esteem. It caught on worldwide. You may have already heard about the great things that are coming from the movement since it has gone viral as reported by Mike Mangas here: Homeless Rockstars Going Viral 

Shimon Moore (Former Sick Puppies frontman),Chris Clemence (bassist of Rap Scallions), and Russell Ali have formed a band called Screaming at Demons. Their first single will be an AMAZING uptempo hard rocking track called "Rockstar". Nigel Skeet is a longtime friend of Shimon's and asked him to put together the song and a video for the Homeless Rockstars movement. I have personally seen the video and it is nothing short of perfection. If you remember the "FREE HUGS" video from a while ago then you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Free Hugs Campaign Video(click here

Shimon also directed that video for his former band "Sick Puppies". It was one of the first viral videos ever and at 77,000,000 views, is still one of the most successful in Youtube's history. More importantly though, it made everyone feel good, which is exactly what this video does. And it's set to blow Homeless Rockstars and Screaming at Demons even bigger. The song and video are set for release on October 6th, 2015.

Recently Evan Schreiber did a piece on the upcoming video release with a little bit of the background to the story, which can be seen here:

                                         Screaming at Demons Teaser 1

                                          Screaming at Demons Teaser 2

Please Note: This interview has been postponed until further notice
Shim has to fly to Australia , not sure why but will keep you all posted to the when the interview will happen.

Also less than a week away my friend  has her own radio station and show and will be having an interview with them on the 24th at 6:30 PM Central time 
Her name is Renee Boyer and the radio station link is below:

Rock Addict Radio (click here)

There will be a lot more on this as I will also have an interview with the band myself in the near future about their project, look for that one as well as a review of their album.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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