Saturday, September 19, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: Broken Horses (Available Now)

In a world where there are more reasons to not really trust your fellow man , this film makes sure to remind you of that.
In the first minutes of the film a local police officer(Thomas Jane) is gunned down in cold blood and two brothers are left to look after each other.
Buddy Heckum(Chris Marquette--Fanboys , Freddy vs Jason) is extra good in this role almost as it was made just for him he fits the part so well and is so convincing in it. Imagine Rain Man crosses with Goodfellas --two brothers on a journey together one meant to take care of the other and yet some extreme violence happens on the way.

This has some really intense scenes the thing that makes this film work the most is the performances by the entire cast Anton Yelchin (Star Trek : Into Darkness)plays Jacob Heckum , Buddy's brother and quiet and reserved brother.
Vincent D' OnofrioFull Metal Jacket, Jurassic World) plays Julius Hench and in standard Vincent fashion he is menacing and evil.
Manipulating Buddy from an early age and recruiting him to be his man for the kill.

There is an uneasiness throughout the entire film, the characters are well introduced and directed so well by Vidhu Vinod Chopra a true gem of a film and quite easily the best film I have seen this year far.

The chemistry and the work by all of the actors some seasoned pros and others maybe not , but all in all some great work here all around. There is the saying less is more and with this film everything is made crystal clear is for Mr Hench and I was in awe of the ending as well.
Thank you all for the hard work on this film, it truly paid off.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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