Monday, September 7, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: Mad Max:Fury Road(Available Now)

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the history of Mad Max let me just say this.....sometimes it is better to let things rest and not open yet another wound.

In this latest incarnation of the very popular and backwards way in which the first two films played out in terms of release were in fact odd.
There were three films in the original story one feeding nicely into the other , the difference maker and the one with the most impact was The Road Warrior(or Mad Max 2)
The gang in this one really brought a rough edge and adrenaline rush that few action films of today can even come close to, this new one as well.
George Miller will once again grace the Director's chair as he had in the previous three films, this is after all his baby. His vision and characters.
Sure the movie looks good, almost too good which early on starts to hurt the film as this barren wasteland is an ongoing desert that knows no end.
Neither does the driving, the editing could have helped in this regard. Honestly , this is an action film here folks where does driving for continuous amounts of time amount to action?
There are a ton of vehicles , cars, trucks , motorbikes --cars with massive spikes. This is all great but when the story moves along as slow as a snail and everyone seems burnt out from all the over dramatic scene after scene of mindless chasing or blowing something up, this is easily one of the most monotonous films I have ever seen.
The henchman or Immortan Joe is a cross between Bane and Darth Vader --not something that comes even close to having a close impact as those two characters have on audiences.
Speaking of Bane--Tom Hardy(Bane) who plays Max is no Mel Gibson, but then again George Miller is not the same director he once was, he seems to have lost that edge or found his same feel he did for Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
Never been a big Charlize Theron fan myself I guess she was picked for star status power, but she is stiff as a board here.
I am usually a fan of this type of movie but felt let down so much by the entire thing, more grit--less gloss --faster editing of long drawn out scenes of car chases this is what made the first two films so good.

The first five to ten minutes of the film were easily the best part, hands down--foot chases are always good when done properly.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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