Thursday, September 17, 2015

Movie Review: Oliver Stoned(2014)--Available Now(Uncork'd Entertainment)

Story Synopsis:
The world's biggest stoner, Oliver, loses a high profile car, forcing him to steal an ice cream truck and enlist his wacky friends to help track down the thief before it's too late.
I was sent the film last month online , however did not get around to watching it until now. Let me just say this sometimes you have to watch a film like this that is really about nothing just turn your mind off and have some fun.
Now as the title of the film suggests this movie is about a stoner named Oliver
He is a loser, a nice guy none the less but someone who cannot seem to even do the simplest of tasks.

When he loses a car that he is just to take to the shop for a cleaning , because he has to stop for ice cream. Then when he only has a $50 he is told to go get some change and upon his return the car is gone.
He in turn steals the ice cream truck and gets on the chase for the car that he lost.The adventure is fun and quite mindless but then again so is Oliver.
He bites off a bit more than he should when he accuses and threatens a local hood named E-Smoke who works at the local tattoo parlor.
He gave himself that name because he smokes E- cigarettes , the film is quite clever and funny and sometimes crude, some vomit scenes etc but some good times for a laugh in most of the film I thought.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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