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CD Review: Sidewave- Glass Giant(Available October 5, 2015)Independent Music Promotions

Started on November 20, 2013
Post Rock, Space Rock, Alternative, Indie

Band Members

Phil Golyshko,
 Bill Collins, 
Brandon Dickert,
 Matt Russell

Los Angeles, CA
Short Description

Sidewave is an LA band that blends elements of shoegaze and alternative rock. Soothing melodies, crushing guitars & monster beats.
“Sidewave is the real deal, with something to show and tell everyone,” says music review site Audio Eclectica. What began as the brainchild of San Francisco-based Singer/Guitarist/Graphic Artist Phil Golyshko quickly morphed into the multi-textural project Sidewave is today. At once heavy and light, hard-driving and airy, Sidewave has used lush chords and honeyed melodies to develop a sound that’s familiar, yet all their own. 

The swirling anthemic vocals and cliffs of guitars are the culmination of years of writing, recording, and artistic exploration. In late 2013, Phil enlisted the help of his cohorts from Chicago, now based in LA – guitarist William Collins, and drummer Brandon Dickert to help define the band’s forward-thinking, yet tradition-rooted sound. Bassist and composer Matt Russell joined the lineup in early 2014 to max out Sidewave’s wall of sound. 

While they take cues from some of the most revered and often unsung alternative icons of the past 20 years (bands like Hum, Failure, Shiner, and the Smashing Pumpkins), Sidewave is taking their legacy to the next level, reinventing a sound, and defining what it means to be Space-Rock.
Current Location
Los Angeles, CA

This album kicks off with the song Grounded --quickly sounds like something Soundgarden would have written.
This album has some great riffs throughout and the music is catchy , well played out and some really tight musicianship.
This band just adds to an already stellar year of music and they deserve more credit than their bio states as their sound is better than that of Smashing Pumpkins--my opinion.

Even though a good part of the album sounds a lot more commercial than what the album starts out at --then "Honest To God" brings that grunge sound back in full force!

I really enjoy bands like this that have their own distinct sound and approach to song structure.
The more I listen to this album the more I like , this has had a few spins already just while doing the review.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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