Sunday, October 11, 2015

CD Review : Tyler Dory Trio--Carried Away(Available Now)

This is a special rating here I give the album 5.5 stars
Progressive Rock
Band Members
Tylor Dory: Vocals, guitar, synth
Slava Fedossenko: Bass, backing vocals
Jonathan Webster: Drums, backing vocals
Short Description
Tylor Dory Trio. Progressive music conceived by Tylor Dory, Slava Fedossenko, and Jonathan Webster.
Formed by Tylor Dory and Jonathan Webster under the name Illusive Man as an experiment in progressive music, the trio was completed, after several lineup changes, by bassist Slava Fedossenko. Intending to create music free of genre constraints, we excitedly await the release of our debut album "Carried Away" in August 2015, and an already recorded follow-up to be mixed/mastered by the great Jens Bogren beginning later in 2015.

What can I say for this album that pulls out all the stops and just lets loose with all energy and true musicianship that is not easily found in a trio these days , such a great versitality in the music in such little time. This is one of those albums  you never want to end.
Just an amazing different sound on all the songs on this album , from the first song in "Time , the Beholder" we get a heavy bass line intro and when the lyrics start can hear the influence of Alice in Chains.
Taking elements from their influences and making something of their own is a great show of their talents all around , bringing something new and interesting to the table.
Listen to the title track below, such a great song.

I really enjoyed this album far more than expected this is something I look forward to hearing from artists, some great music.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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