Thursday, October 8, 2015

MTI Home Video Movie Review : CUT!(Available Now)

Being sent so many movies over the past few months and years has been  a blessing at the same time hard to keep up sometimes but am finding a new way to keep on top of these as well.

Written by both David Banks(Lane--right) and David Roundtree(Travis-left)who also directed this film.
 This is a good little film where they want to film a found footage film, not able to find anything that works for them they decide to hire a local homeless man to scare one of the women they have in the film.

Taking it a little further he actually ends up killing the woman and the men are left with what to do next, Lane gets thrilled by the experience and starts filming some death scenes of his own.

The movie does a good job of creating the suspense and the horror when these scenes are done as well.  I enjoyed the pacing of the film and the characters were well played by the actors as well.
Suze Lanier-Bramlett(left) best known for being in Wes Cravens The Hill Have Eyes(1977) and Gabrielle Stone starred in Speak No Evil(2013) and is the daughter of Dee Wallace(Cujo) have brief appearances as themselves.
This is a film that has a surprise ending and I was quite happy with it --one of the better endings I have seen in a while. This is a low budget film but delivers what it is intended to do.

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Anthony Nadeau

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