Thursday, October 8, 2015

Press Release: American Virus Debuts October 15 & Samurai Cop 2 Premieres October 9th

I was sent this press release from Shane Ryan who is a talented young filmmaker, I wish him the most success with these films he is involved with.

American Virus (starring Clint Eastwood's daughter, Miss Golden Globe Kathryn Eastwood) makes World Premiere, Samurai Cop 2 (with Tommy Wiseau and Bai Ling) hits Theatres this Friday.

American Virus (which is part of Tony Newton's Virus of the Dead production) will be having its World Premiere at the Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival in Switzerland on October 15th. The film stars Clint Eastwood's daughter, Miss Golden Globe Kathryn Eastwood (in her first horror film role), and Shane Ryan (the two co-wrote the script together with Ryan directing). Eastwood actually rehearsed and filmed American Virus (budgeted at under 100 bucks) the same week her father took his 550 million dollar grossing film American Sniper, to the Oscars. Ryan says his film almost didn't happen as every person he approached for the lead role (all no name actresses) turned down the part due to the lack of budget. Eastwood approached Ryan about acting in it, and even wrote the script with Ryan, entirely for free. Newton's segment, Cam Girl, stars Braveheart's Mhairi Calvey.

But first, this weekend, you can check out Ryan in the long-awaited sequel, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (Ryan also co-produced). The original stars are back, along with Bai Ling (The Crow, Anna and the King), Mel Novak (Game of Death), Mindy Robinson (V/H/S/2) with Joe Estevez, Lexi Belle, Kayden Kross, and the one and only Tommy Wiseau (creator of smash hit The Room). The film opens in Los Angeles, and then hits more cities around the country in the following weeks, including NYC, Portland, Denver and Austin. You can also check out Ryan's other film this Friday in Los Angeles, the Japanese-language Oni-Gokko (Tag) at the Highland Park Film Festival. Troma will then release the uncut version of Oni-Gokko on BluRay this Tuesday in the anthology Theatre of the Deranged II.

It's been a bit of a hot streak lately for Ryan, as he also just premiered his last film, My Name is A by anonymous, as a double feature along with Albert Pyun's (Cyborg, Captain America) latest, Road to Hell, for their Australian premieres. Ryan is also set to co-star in Pyun's newest Cyborg film. Ryan had quit acting and directing for two years due to suffering a long battle of depression until last year when Pyun cast him in The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper. It inspired Ryan to pick up the camera and begin directing again. Along with several more anthologies he's also currently making the feature film God Got Ill, a movie about bullied kids and school shootings.

and continues to remain in post-production of his most ambitious project, The Owl in Echo Park 

. For those unaware of Ryan's directing methods, he generally shoots his films in 1-4 days with budgets averaging at a mere 150 dollars. While his films usually get theatrical and/or festival play and decent distribution alongside films budgeted at 50k to even a million dollars, he has not once received financing for his movies and has spent the past 20 years making them budgeted from the loose change in his pockets.

Ryan's Samurai Cop 2 fight training video

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