Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Press Release: SGL Entertainment’s “Laundry Man” Wraps Up Filming, See Exclusive Behind the Scenes Photos

Yet another press release this time for a film that comes out next fall, got this today and some pics from the shoot , some are graphic in the images just sharing what I was sent.
What follows below is the press release and pictures sent with it.

SGL Entertainment’s “Laundry Man” Wraps Up Filming, See Exclusive Behind the Scenes Photos

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that “Laundry Man” a Horror Film Written and Directed by Johan Vandewoestijne and Produced by James Desert have just wrapped up Filming. The shooting started in Kortrijk Belgium on August 25th and ran till October 9th 2015.

Laundry Man is the story about a rather clumsy serial killer. It is partly based on the crimes committed by American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and those committed by the Belgian-Hungarian pastor Andras Pandy.

In 1986, Johan Vandewoestijne, aka James Desert, produced and directed the cult film “Lucker”. This highly criticized film faced a boycott from many video distributors. Now 30 years later, high amounts of money are paid by collectors for original VHS tapes of the film, since it has become a cult hit. 

Also 30 years later, Vandewoestijne/Desert are once again producing and directing a slasher film based on their own script entitled “Laundry Man”. For this film Johan signed a five picture distribution deal with SGL Entertainment headed up by Jeffrey A. Swanson, Damien Dante, Massimiliano Cerchi and Todd Rodgers. This way Vandewoestijne/Desert are guaranteed that their film will be available in the US and Canada. Look for “Laundry Man” to be Released on DVD, Blu Ray, and Video On Demand in the Fall of 2016 via SGL Entertainment.

Watch the Official Teaser Trailer:
Warning--Blood , Violence & Sex in this trailer , if any of that offends do not click play

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