Thursday, October 29, 2015

Short Story Cinema: Let Go A Film By Isabel Drean

In less than 20 minutes there is some amazing work being done in this film all the elements of writing , acting, directing, editing plus the music as well. All creates a mood that very few films can master regardless of it's length.

Written and directed by Isabel Drean(above) tells the sad story of the loss of a child and how the single mother and the child's brother are effected by her loss. The film does not get into the grim details of how the child dies , but instead are left questioning what happened and how are they coping.
Images of Claire(Milan Cote Drean) appear in the mother's mind either in her sleep or when she is driving Claire appears in the rear view mirror of the car, just letting us know the event was still recent in her memory.
This is such a beautifully shot film , the images are so haunting but with sadness of shots as well. The way in which the camera moves so well within all of the scenes, the music helping the mood of sadness.
The performances of course are what make and break any kind of film , the amazing work here by Claudia Ferri(above) is that of restraint and sheer brilliance, one that makes you want to watch the film again.
The saying "Less is more" is so relevant here and so well done this is easily one of the best short films of the year and look so forward to seeing more from Isabel Drean and her team on their next project.

Trailer for Let Go(click here)

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